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Coaching 5000+ Clients World-Wide

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If you know someone who’d like to join you, or simply someone who could use a FREE class, we’ll be glad to send them a code to join us for free.  Just click below and we’ll do the rest.

Join our Online Community

We’ve always believed that fitness and health should be accessible to anyone.  But joining a gym, hiring a trainer, and consulting with a nutritionist or dietition can really start to cost a lot of money.  Jason Long is one of the leading Fitness and Nutrition Specialists in the world, and has been providing his services to thousands of clients who’ve achieved great successes for nearly 25 years.  With this online community, and the addition of the Virtual Gym, we are now able to reach even more people in need, and bring fitness, nutrition, and the necessary coaching to achieving amazing results right to the finger tips of everyone.  No matter what your goals are or how limited your budget, there is a Virtual Coaching Program here that will work.  Guaranteed!  

1:1 Coaching

Helping clients all over the world with their Fitness & Nutrition goals has been something Jason has done for many years.  With the addition of The Virtual Gym to his programs, clients can coach and train with Jason personally, right from their own home or gym, no matter where they are. 

Group Classes

Just like your local gym, we offer a wide variety of group fitness classes from HIIT to Yoga and everything in between.  You can purchase single class passes or groups of classes, or join our Priority Unlimited and take all the classes you want each month. This is by far our most popular program!

On Demand

At our On-Demand site, you’ll discover just how simple and easy it is to stream pre-recorded classes whenever it’s convenient for you.  Stream them to any device, at any hour, and remove all the excuses that fitness just isn’t convenient. New classes added daily, so stay connected and get your daily workout delivered when you need it.

Fill Out My Simple Questionnaire

In order to learn a bit more about you and your goals, please provide a little bit of information.  And then, let’s find a time to chat and decide what is the right step for you to take next.

I’m ready to get to work, and I hope you’re ready for some results!

choose your plan

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned fitness addict, we’ve got a plan for you.  

Virtual Group Classes

Our most popular LIVE classes taught virtually from our private Virtual Gym.  From our LIVE calendar of classes, you can select just a single class whenever you need it, or you can buy packages of classes to use at your convenience.  Our best deal is the PRIORITY UNLIMITED package that gives you full access to every class we offer for a single monthly fee.  


No matter how simple we try to make things, there will always be questions.  We’ve tried to answer the most pressing here, but if you have something we haven’t addressed, don’t hesitate to ask! 

Are there more classes being added to the schedule?

Yes.  As with any fitness program, classes change and adapt to the needs of our clients.  Additionally, as more people request additional times for classes, we will do everything we can to add a class when demand warrants it.  If you would like to see a specific class added, or a time frame offered, feel free to let us know and we will consider adding it soon.

What happens to any unused class passes that I've purchased?

If you purchase a class pack, those passes are good for that number of classes until you have used them all up.  They never expire, so you can use them at any time, any month, no matter when.  Unfortunately, if you don’t use the passes, we can not offer any refunds since the cost of each class is so low.  But keep the classes, and use them in the future!

If I lose my certificate or pass code can I still redeem my classes?

Yes.  With every purchase, you should recieve an email with your purchase code, as well as a certificate with the same info.  That code is used when registering for your classes, until you have used all your passes and the code is no longer valid.  But if you forget the code, simply use the email address you used when you purchased your package. 

What happens if my code doesn't work when I'm signing up for a class?

Your Class Package Code should work for the full number of classes you have purchased.  With the Priority Unlimited pass, your code will work for as long as you have not canceled your monthly subscription.  If your code is not working, check to make sure you have not already used up all the passes your purchased, or that you haven’t inadvertantly canceled your monthly pass renewal.

If you'd like to make a contribution to our team for their time and effort to bring you FREE fitness and motivation during this C0VID-19 crisis you can scan the QR code for PayPal or Venmo and donate any amount.  

Anything and everything is appreciate!