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With all NEW CLASSES and NEW TIMES we will continue to support the efforts of the COVID-19 crisis by offering FREE CLASSES in June when you sign up for our *Priority Unlimited Class Pass.  Sign up now and enjoy fitness and nutrition classes all month on us!

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Our coaches and instructors are working from home, mostly without pay.  If you’d like to make a contribution for their efforts to keep fitness and training accessible during this COVID-19 pandemic, we would greatly appreciate it.  


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We’ve always believed that fitness and health should be accessible to anyone.  But joining a gym, hiring a trainer, and consulting with a nutritionist or dietition can really start to cost a lot of money.  Jason Long is one of the leading Fitness and Nutrition Specialists in the world, and has been providing his services to thousands of clients who’ve achieved great successes for nearly 25 years.  With this online community, and the addition of the Virtual Gym, we are now able to reach even more people in need, and bring fitness, nutrition, and the necessary coaching to achieving amazing results right to the finger tips of everyone.  No matter what your goals are or how limited your budget, there is a Virtual Coaching Program here that will work.  Guaranteed!  

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Aside from the amazing programs and coaching opportunities over at, the Virtual Gym allows clients the to train face-to-face, virtually with Jason Long, leading Fitness & Nutrition Specialist.  Plus, you’ll have access to On-Demand training classes, Virtual LIVE Group Fitness Classes, and many other special training events LIVE right here on the site.


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In our On-Demand section, you’ll discover just how simple and easy it is to stream pre-recorded classes whenever it’s convenient for you.  Stream them to any device, at any hour, and remove all the excuses that fitness just isn’t convenient.

Virtual 1:1 Coaching

Helping clients all over the world with their Fitness & Nutrition goals has been something Jason has done for many years.  With the addition of The Virtual Gym to his programs, clients can coach and train with Jason personally, right from their own home or gym, no matter where they are. 

Virtual Group Classes

Just like your local gym, we offer a wide variety of group fitness classes from HIIT to Yoga and everything in between.  You can purchase single class passes or groups of classes, or join our Priority Unlimited and take all the classes you want each month. This is by far our most popular program!


I use to blame my Latina heritage for my eating habits, especially because all the women in my family are overweight.  Jason really helped me understand those excuses and set me straight on a healthy path to the best life ever.  I’m still curvy, but in a healthy, sexy way now.  Thank you!

Marcia R

How did I end up there? After a successful college football career I never stopped eating like I was a 20 year old working out hard all day.  But my desk job and adulting just caught up with me.  I hired Jason to simply get back some routines, but today I’m better than my college years, and ready to step onto the stage.  Couldn’t have done this without you, man!

Mike S

If you'd like to make a contribution to our team for their time and effort to bring you FREE fitness and motivation during this C0VID-19 crisis you can scan the QR code for PayPal or Venmo and donate any amount.  

Anything and everything is appreciate!