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Need Some At-Home Equipment?

Here are a few of our favorite home equipment finds that you can purchase to have for your next class.  Although all our classes are designed to be done with or without equipment, we find many clients prefer to challenge themselves with a little more resistence as they progress.  Feel free to send us a message if you have questions on what to purchase.

Resistance Bands

Just as effective as free weights, B-LINES® resistance bands are portable and convenient, so you can burn fat and tone lean muscle. Choose between Standard, Super, or Extreme Kits, to help you get lean and ripped even faster!

Speed Rope

One of the best cardio workouts you can get, the good old fashion jump rope is an incredibly simple and effective way to burn calories.  Easily adjust the rope’s length, and get to work training your agility, foot speed, and coordination.

Resistence Loops

A set of these loops come in all three resistance levels (light, medium, and heavy), so you never stop making progress with your workouts. They’re perfect for sculpting a firm, round booty, shaping your legs and thighs, tightening and flattening your core, and toning your arms and shoulders.

Foam Roller

After every stressful workout, stretching and foam rolling is essential to relieve tight sore muscles and increase flexibility and mobility.  If your joints are sore and you muscles easily cramp, you definitely need one of these.  2 sizes: 18″ or 31″

Core Comfort Mat

Get instant, cushioning support throughout your core workouts with this compact, go-anywhere floor-exercise mat. Use for crunches, push-ups, planks, and kneeling moves, to protect your knees and wrists during floor work. 24″ x 40″ and 1.5 cm for added comfort

Chin-Up Bar

Develop and strengthen your shoulders, back, and arms with this high-grade training tool featuring multiple-grip positions. Its unique design with multiple-grip positions is made of heavy-gauge steel with a 300 lbs. maximum weight limit.  This equipment is quick and easy assembl and fits doorway up to 32″ wide (sturdy doorway with border trim required – minimum 5″ width, maximum 6.5″)  Takes only seconds to safely remove from doorway when not in use.  

If you'd like to make a contribution to our team for their time and effort to bring you FREE fitness and motivation during this C0VID-19 crisis you can scan the QR code for PayPal or Venmo and donate any amount.  

Anything and everything is appreciate!